For thirty years I have done nothing but try and help Boeing be the best aircraft company in the world.  Yes, I also work for some of your competitors.  That can't be helped.  JAMCORP and Boeing have mutual customers that we are both obligated to serve.  We share many of the same scientists, engineers, subcontractors, inventors, innovators, vendors, we should be freinds. 
These customers want us to work together, they want us to collaborate, to cooperate.  How can we deny them the fruits of our collaboration?  Does Beoing Space and Defense enjoy being locked out of the bidding for the LRSB contract?  How did this come to pass?  How can we fix it?  The answer is simple.  
Boeing has to be proactive.  Boeing has to reach out to us.  We are tiny, our voice is lost in the wind.  I am tired of talking to low level employees who want to help, but can't.  If this message does not get through to the right people at the executive level, then there is no way I can help Boeing.  Micro Lattice is the tip of the iceberg.  It is unimportant, insignificant, irrelevant.  
What matters is relationships between people.  Real human contact, and meanignful communication, leading to a mutually profitable and beneficial relationships for everyone.  For Boeing.  For Jonathan Aerospce Materials Corporation.  For our customers.
 I have done everything in my power to reach out to Boeing.  I can do no more.  At this point the ball is in your court.  My phone is always on.  I am not hard to find, not hard to reach.  Get the legal issues out of the way.  Lawyers should not run engineering companies.  Don't have a lawyer call me, send an engineer instead.  Somone who can actually talk to me, understand the significance of our technology.  Someone with some vision would be nice.  Not absolutely neccessary but important.