Skill 2:
Manufacturing Referral Services


Our Skills

Skill 3:
Intellectual Property  Licensor


     Wether you have a foundry of your own, or you are a a wealthy individual tech investor, we would like to work with you.  There are many ways to get involved with this new industry.  You can jump in head first, or test the waters with your little toe, makes no difference to us.  We're here to facillitate whatever sort of interaction makes you most comfortable.  Whatever it takes to convince you it is in your own best interest to become a contributing member of our community.
     Our philosophy towards investment is quite simple.  The more you bring to your side of the negotiating table, the more we will offer on our side.  It is our feeling that this philosophy allows us to interact with the broadest range of potential partners.  It also provides us with an ethical framework for treating different types of investments in different ways.  The concept and the sentiment of treating everyone equally may be socially appealing.

Skill 1:
Technical Knowledge Provider


Skill 4:
Whatever the customer wants or needs!