Jonathan Aerospace Materials Corporation

We were the worlds first manufacturer and developer of Lattice Block Materils (TM).  These new kinds of materials is  known globally by the generic name  Periodic Cellular Solids.

We Know More About LBM Than Anyone

We Can Help You To Design Many Things, From A Single Part To Entire Factories.
We Will Also Help Out With Tech Intelligce, Marketing Research, and Engineering.

Jonathan North Priluck
Founder and CEO

Mr. Priluck started this company in his garage.  It is a classic American Entreprenurial Technology Venture.  Over the years JAMCORP has done work for such client as:  The US Navy, The US  Army, the US Air Force, DARPA, NASA, DOE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bath Iron Works, Ingalls Shipyard, Litton Industries, Airbus, United Technologies, GD Electric Boat Corporation, Rolls Royce Naval Marine, Rolls Royce Jet Engines, Pratt&Whitney, Just To Name A Few

We Are The Orignal Inventors of LBM and LBM Technology

What started out as just one company has grown into a billion dollar industry consisting of over 100 independent companies in more than 30 countries around the world.  We hold 400 US and world patents on LBM and LBM production.

30+  years experience

100% Satisfaction Guarantee